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Kitchen Fittings

Everyone has their own style of living, yet everyone needs space. We help you to make the best use of the space available. Our smart kitchen and furniture fittings bring order to your kitchen units and storage cabinets.

From spacious tall units and innovative corner solutions to handy pull-out systems, our interior fittings unlock the full potential of your home's storage space.

Handle-less door opening design - electrically, and economically!
Just a gentle push! eTouch opens up cupboards and new potential.
Not an inch wasted! Generous storage, a clear view and a small footprint.
Convoy Lavido
Ultra-flexible and elegant, it is compatible with any front panels.
Ingeniously simple: TANDEM creates two clear shelves on each level.
Tandem solo
One gentle pull opens the door and draws the fitting forward.
Centralised storage for groceries and dishes. Clean and simple.
Cupboard fittings
Improved space utilisation and made the pull-out even more user-friendly.
No. 15 pull-out
A slim pull-out: minimum width (from 112 mm) – maximum flexibility.
Snello 150mm
The space-saving pull-out system for compact kitchens.
Optimum use of space: sturdy base unit pull-out for kitchens and the home.
The stylish pull-out shelf that maximises storage space in units.
Comfort II
Purpose-designed elements are available to store bottles.
Dispensa junior lll
Full-extension pull-out for all carcase widths. Sleek and practical.
The YouboXx system is designed to do away with supporting trays.
Simple and pure lines, comtemporary look and innovatiove modular design.
Kitchen tower
The versatile, modern base unit pull-out for kitchens and cleaning cupboards.
Users choose the elements they want and organise in a way to suit their needs.
Turns a cupboard into your cleaning centre. So easy and simple.
Sturdy yet elegant design based on anodised aluminium.
Swing out waste bin
Sturdy metal container designed for day-to-day use. Clean and practical.
LeMans ll
LeMans trays swing smoothly and almost effortlessly.
Innovative technology for a classic solution. Sturdy and sleek.
Magic Corner
Efficient use of space: the truly “magic” solution for your corner.
Magic Corner Comfort
A clear overview: the perfect solution for storing tableware, pots and pans.
180 Carousel
The round trays can be turned separately to bring any item into easy reach.
Unreachable contents now in easy reach. An elegant alternative to a step ladder.
Just a light pull on the handle brings the unit's contents down to eye level.
The narrow pull-out for organised kitchens and bathrooms.
Shimmering glass and glamorous movements. Modern and elegant.
Unlimited options for the splashback area. Clever, versatile and attractive.
Linero 2000
The best kitchen equipment combines form and function, quality and design.
As TopFlex is pulled out, the drawer front drops down automatically.
ergoAgent Mono
Upgrade for the worktop: a small table and a lot more freedom.
ergoAgent Base
Flexibility: a new options for planning an ergonomic kitchen island.
Worktop Extension
Same level as the worktop: it adds extra working surface in seconds.
Fittings with wood: outstandingly versatile and attention to detail.
Smart case
Suitable for vertical and horizontal use, electrical drive upon request.
Quasar reflex
High-quality real glass finish, unique of 4 mm unbreakable toughened safety glass.