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Lifters and Supports

Advanced, slim, precise. The most advanced lifter family on the market meets all the criteria for looks and functionality. Aesthetics is an emotional criterion that even technical products must achieve today. They have to perform perfectly and look attractive too. The slim and elegant looks of the different members of the FREElift family underline the obvious advantages of Kesseböhmer’s high-precision technology. Specialists in the contemporary look.

The FREElift family delivers silky smooth opening and closing action for wall units with a wide range of flap sizes and weights. The easy and harmonious movements are noiseless and effortless – which adds up to striking user benefits.

Free space
Smaller - yet much stronger.
Free flap
Practical, balanced and compact - the “little toughie” in the family.
Maxi is a high-spec lift system capable of handling front panels up to 27.3 kg.
Duo/Duo Forte
Duo is a flap support with an opening angle up to 110°.
Free fold
It folds up the front panel as it lifts for a space-saving solution.
Free slide
It lifts the front panel vertically, parallel to the cabinet.
Free swing
It lifts medium and large fronts elegantly and effortlessly.
It is ideal for flaps that drop down to conceal a microwave or a steamer.
HSB lift up
Strong and gentle. Efficient operation in the kitchen, bathrooms and living areas.
Plinth leg
Slim and sturdy. Low-profile design that supports your furnitures.
Ventilation grates
They come in different sizes, simple and practical.
Titan invisible shelf support
Concealed installation behind the shelf. Sturdy and clean.
SAH 215 suspension brackets
For rail and hook suspension. Load capacity 45 kg/each.