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Hettich - Sensys in obsidian black

As intelligent as nature
Numerous creatures mimic their surroundings and fade in with them to create a harmonious unit. This makes them almost invisible.

As harmonious as never before
Hettich applies this principle of nature to furniture design: with a fitting system that functions perfectly and blends discreetly and harmoniously into the design of furniture. Now there’s also the perfectly camouflaged fitting technology for dark timbers and surface finished in warm tones.

Practical versatility and superior design
The Sensys range in obsidian black features hinges and mounting plates for all common mounting situations and also for unusual applications, such as for thin doors from 10 mm door thickness, for thick doors with narrow reveals as well as for doors with mitered edges all round.

Visible differentiation in the deluxe segment
Today, furniture doors with perfectly softened action come as standard. Sensys in obsidian black lets you create clear upward differentiation: precious dark timbers or other exquisite surfaces can now make their big entrance – because the dark Sensys hinge remains discreetly in the background.

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