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Kesseböhmer - Clever Storage, the one and only

Kesseböhmer has a high level of vertical integration, with all production processes in-house. This strategy cuts development time from a new idea to a quality product: Functions that delight. Designs that impress. Quality that sets standards.


LeMans trays swing smoothly and almost effortlessly out of the corner cupboard. You get a clear view and ready access to every stored item. LeMans scores top marks for efficiency and convenience.

Good cooks will confirm it: The best kitchen equipment combines form and function, quality and design. That’s the approach that Kesseböhmer adopted in developing the Edition LINERO 2000. It includes everything that make a kitchen into a star kitchen.

iMove sets new standards for wall units. The product combines the beautiful and the practical with one effortless movement. How much intelligence do you want? There’s easy operation, more reachable storage, a clearer view, fast access. The innovative iMove pull-down transforms a conventional wall unit into an ergonomic storage system with big user benefits. The iMove and its contents are pulled downwards and outwards in one easy movement.
Simple and effortless. As TopFlex is pulled out, the drawer front drops down automatically. The table sections slide effortlessly into place. Partially extended, TopFlex is already a usable surface. Fully extended, the two sections plus the drop-down front and the flush-mounted runner create a streamlined table surface.