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Swiss quality since 1964.

Peka develops and manufactures a range of complex movement mechanisms for cabinets, which can be equipped with shelves, trays, pull-out systems and much more.


The living area: combining comfort with individuality. A central wall profile to which you can fix shelves, cabinets, tabletops or other items. Its modular components make Pecasa a highly flexible system: you can design and arrange your space however you like, and switch the components around at any time.

The efficient larder unit solution for an unbeatable overview and excellent accessibility

  • Just like in a fridge, the unit’s contents are distributed across the door shelves and the pull-out.
  • Smaller groceries and spice jars in the door shelves.

The versatile, modern base unit pull-out for kitchens and cleaning cupboards.

  • Compact design for efficiently storing your most-used kitchen utensils in one place.
  • Automatically glides out of the unit when you open the door.
  • An excellent overview and access to unit contents from three sides.

For organised storage of cleaning and housekeeping items.

  • Perfectly suited to storing cleaning and housekeeping items.
  • Side-mounted, leaving space for a clothes airer or an ironing board.
  • Can also be used for grocery storage